About Us

About Us 

JT Fishman and Associates was established in 1998 by Jaime Fishman, AIA to offer commercial, institutional and residential architectural services. Mr. Fishman also previously co-founded Fishman-Curry & Associates. Years of experience have proven how invaluable it is to actively involve the client in the design process. This gives us the ability to be immediately responsive to the resource and service needs of different types of facilities.

To develop a unique understanding of each client project, JT Fishman engages in a process of rational decision making. Our clients, consultants and staff cooperate in a series of tasks, including the following:

  • Understanding the context of the project through information gathering
  • Analyzing the information and developing potential solutions
  • Evaluating the implications in each proposed solution
  • Combining the best elements of different schemes into a unified proposal
  • Recommending the proposed scheme
  • Developing the scheme

Our primary objective in the early tasks is to define the functional, economic and social constraints and opportunities inherent in each project. JT Fishman understands that open communication between client, architect, consultants and builders is critical to correctly defining the project goals.

JT Fishman & Assoc., PA have completed many residential, live/work, retail commercial and office projects with emphasis on creative common sense planning. The firm practices a design oriented approach and looks to every project as an opportunity to design new and better solutions.

J.T. Fishman maintains a staff of highly trained and experienced professionals and a state-of-the art CAD system that permits the firm to provide superior coordination of building systems, quick evaluation and exploration of alternative design solutions, and overall project quality control. In-house interactive 3D modeling techniques can also provide clients with an added level of collaboration and communication, testing ideas in a computer-generated environment before construction.

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About Us